Send us your #eyc20baby pictures!

As we announced at Exposure last month, we are celebrating our 20th year. As part of this year's event, we plan to share a little about our Journey but, more importantly, we want to share your journey! We plan to have YOUR JOURNEYS plastered all over the place. 

We will be asking each month for a different kind of picture from you. We plan to convert them into Polaroids and then cover the Von Braun Center with them. You can send us 1 or send us 25. Our Goal is to use every picture that is sent our way!

THIS MONTH. We want all your favorite baby pictures! 

  • If you think you were the world's prettiest baby (because your momma said it was true)- we want to see it. 
  • If you were quite the average kid- you are like the rest of us and have amazing self-awareness- congratulations- send it in. 
  • If you were an Ugly baby- it happens- we are just glad you grew out of it- please share. 
  • If you have an embarrassing (but appropriate) baby picture of a friend who attends Exposure- we will use it too! 

Let's flood the walls of the VBC with your beautiful faces in 2017!

There are several ways you can share with us: 

1. Share them on our Facebook Page, in the Facebook Group or on your personal page (be sure to leave the privacy settings where anyone can access). Be sure to include the hashtag for this month so we can find it. #eyc20baby

2. Share them on Instagram. Include the hashtag for the month.

3. Share them on Twitter. Include the hashtag for the month.

4. Email them to EYCJOURNEY@GMAIL.COM.

Paul Spurlin